How to start cloth diapering with Little Birds!

Do You want to start using clothes diapers but You don’t how? You are wondering what to buy and how much?

We have prepared this banners to help You take the shot!

Cloth diapering the newborn

Most of parents are afraid of using cloth diapers with a newborn baby. No need to!
For the start You need to have a 20-30 pcs of absorning inserts/prefolds/fitted diapers/terry. Of course You can mix it all as You prefer one system better than another. The newborn doesn’t really need a huge absorbency but a frequent diaper change! Then You need have something to cover the inserts – so You should have about 6-8 pcs of covers. It also to have some amount of AIO newborn –for easy and fast diaper change.
This system should let You diapering the newborn for a one day with washing every 2 days.


Cloth diapering the toddler

You didn’t use clothes diapers with Your newborn and You wanted to start a bit later? No problem! Look at our photo. The general rule in diapering the toddler is that there should be an 6-8 pcs of absorbing part (inserts, prefolds, fitted diapers, terry, etc.) and 3-4 pcs of PUL ( covers, covers SIO, pocket diapers). Or You can have 6-8 pcs of AIO.

This should let You cloth diapering the toddler for one day, but with the everyday washing. I You want to wash every 2 days, just double the amounts.

Washing Little Birds products

Here are tips about washing:
– You can wash at 40-60 C (100-140 F) + sanitizer.
– Spinning under 1200 spm.
– You can aslo thumble dry on a delicate cycle (wet bags and covers are exeption).
– Wash every two days.– Full washing machine only with 3/4 laundry– Use full dose of washing detergent.
– Do not use the bleach or softeners.
– Do not iron.
– Do not dry on radiator.