Our wetbags are very soft and comfortable, The wetbag is for storing dirty diapers outside home or even for storing them for the laundry. The wetbag was designed for storing c.a. 14 changes of nappies -AIO or pocket with inserts or even 20 changes when it comes to covers with inserts!

The wetbag has:

  • zipper in the bottom – no smells can get outside
  • long and detachable handle
  • characteristic cut -cross section is in pear shape -bigger capacity despite the same sizes
  • space for 14-20 diapers change.

Pail Liner

Our pail liner for the dirty nappies is a perfect solution for people who don’t have space for storage bin. The pail liner can put or hanged in any place in the bathroom.

It also can be usen in the storage bin so You can put dirty diapers in the pail to the washing machine.

The Pail Liner is:

  • 50×60 cm size
  • made of 100% PUL
  • finished with a twine.