MAMA BIRD – it’s a line of products designed for Mums, who appreciate both, the comfort and ecology. Our products from Mama Bird line, were designed to give every Mama a little bit of comfort closer to nature.

At present You can find in mam Bird breast pads, but soon also hygenic pads and menstrual pads.

Breast pads

Designed for Mums looking for comfortable and gentle for skin breast pads. Our cloth breast pads have an unique, profled shape, which makes them invisible under the clothes or underwear.

Our breast pads have:

  • profiled shape
  • no tip in the middle of the pad
  • perfect fit for tiny and bigger breasts
  • natural inner layer- bamboo frotte, which is very absorbing and thin at the same time.
  • three layers – 2x bamboo frotte (60% bamboo, 40% organic cotton), 1x PUL.