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Are you looking for a proper agent to wash your cloth diapers? Nappy Fresh will meet your needs!
Nappy Fresh manufactured by British producer Bio-D is a sanitiser to wash cloth diapers. It does not make the diaper fibers
get greasy, since it does not contain soap or plant oils. It sanitizes with no neccessity of boiling dipaers.
It is recommended to add one table spoon of the agent per washing.

Sodium Carbonate, Sodium Percarbonate, Organic Sequestering Agents, Anionic Surfactant, Polycarboxilates, T.A.E.D Activator

Washing hints:
- Washing machines:
Add one dose (tea spoon) of Nappy Fresh to the filling container to the usual quantity of detergent.
- Hand washing:
Add one dose of Nappy Fresh per every 5 liters (1.32 gallon) of water in addition to the normal quantity of detergent.
- Soaking:
Add one dose of Nappy Fresh to diaper pail per every 5 liters of warm water and solve thoroughly. Soiled diapers should be first pre-cleaned mechanically in lavatory. Thereafter rinse them with cold water.
To get the best soaking effect, a new solution should be made every wash.

ATTENTION: Always heed cloth cleaning recommendations and hints concerning proper detergents!

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