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Woolmers are great alternative to covers, both PUL and woollen. Woolmers were created with the idea of fast and easy putting on. Woolmers are  loose cut so they are very comfortable to baby and do not limit movements. Woolmers can be matched with flats, prefolds or fitted diapers - during the day time and night.


Atributes of woolmers:

  •  gentle rubber on the back and around legs, which guarantees the perfect fit and adherence;
  • matched cut of panties and bloomers guarantees comfort and easy putting on;
  • double sided with hidden stitches - nothing to irritate the baby's skin. Additionaly, woolmers may be used of both sides;
  • size M is recommended for babies weight c.a. 6-12 kg;

Composition: 100% merino wool



  • wash in hand with warm water(room temperature) in a detergent for wool washing
  • we recommend to rinse it with vinegar
  • in case of loss or reduced impermeability or leaking perform lanolin treatment
  • do not use bleach and softeners
  • do not dry on radiator or thumble dry
  • dry horizontaly after gentle squezing in a towel.


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