There is no doubt that cloth diapering is good for both baby and earth. But is it
still economic? The products’ prices are still raising and make the cloth diapers
more and more expensive. Our experience is that the high cost is the most
relevenant obstraction in trying cloth diapering.
What if economical cloth diapering is still possible? After many months of hard
work WE MADE IT! We made cheaper diapers from polish fabrics with the same

What is the diference beetween Basic and Standard Line?
 Simplicity – we offer only pockets and covers One Size and 3 kinds of
inserts: blue, teal and white.
 Versatility- we decided to make One Size, dedicated for children starting
from 6-7kg till 16kg.
 Good price – due to different construction and fabrics we was able to
offer our Basic products in a very afordable prices!

What remains the same in both lines?
 High quality fabrics
 Insert from natural fabrics
 Prints - the Basic diapers are also in prints.

1.COVER – one plit on the front keeps the absorbing insert on its place and
prevent leaking. Rubbers in the legs and on the back was hidden under gentle
trim. Vertical and horizontal snaps allow to adjust the diaper perfectly to the

2.Pocket diaper- the tunnel for insert is on the back of the diaper, which makes
easier to put/take out the insert. Additionally, the tunnel doesn’t have double
rubbers- less change for marsk. This solution makes flat under the back.
Rubbers in legs are in the tunnel so You don’t have to worry about the innner
fabris coming outside.
The inner fabric in Basic pocket diaper is BEE COOL – provides good moisture
drainage and leaves cool feeling. It would be perfect solution for summer.

3. Basic inserts are made of cotton flannel. We decide to make long inserts,
which dries quickly, are thin and absorbent and can be fold according to needs.
* BLUE insert it is a logn insert made o 3 layers of the cotton flannel,
dedicated for children under 1 year.
*TEAL insert - it is a logn insert made o 5 layers of the cotton flannel, dedicated
for children over 1 year or for younger children for walks, naps or nightime.
*WHITE insert – ii is a short insert made o 3 layers of the cotton flannel. It can be used to boost absorbency when its needed.

See our set of BASIC diapers here.