Modern cloth diapers are very advanced product, with full range of different cuts, systems or fabrics. Sometimes it is hard ot make a choice. There are many cloth diapering systems on the market. Each has his supporters and opponents, advantages and disadvantages. We will try to describe the systems so Your choice may be easier.


Cover is outer, waterproof layer of the diaper, made of PUL or wool. Inside the cover absorbent part must be added (insert/prefold/fitted diaper. Etc). 

Covers exist in different sizes: NB, Mini Os, Slim, OS, OS plus. They may have plits inside from microfleece/PUL/Coolmax, whcih prevents leaking and put the insert on its place. If the cover wan’t soiled it can be uced once again. With good fitting insert or fitted diaper, covers are great for naps, longer walks or night time.


  • You may choose a fabric beside baby’s skin (according to fabric in choosen insert).
  • Easy absorbency regulation – by choosing the absorbent layer (fitted  diaper, insert, prefold, muslin, etc.).
  • Miultiple use before washing.
  • Quick drying.


  • Insert must be choosen and putted together.
  • The insert may moove.

Pocket diaper

Pocket diaper is a diaper with a pocket for absorbing insert. Outer layer of the pocket is PUL. The inner layer can be made of different fabrics: natural (bamboo, cotton) or synthetic (microfleece, Coomlax). Between the outer and inner layer there is a pocket to put the absorbing insert.


The pocket diaper should be changed every time. It is quite an easy system.


  • Easy regulation of absorbency – by choosing the right insert.
  • Fast and easy to put on.
  • Short drying time.


  • Insert must be choosen and putted together.
  • One time use – whole pocket needs to be replaced when diaper changing.

SIO System

Very popular in cloth diapering is a SIO system. This system contains a cover (PUL or wool), which has snaps to snap the absorbing insert. This solution keep the insert on its place and the diaper is very easy to put on



  • You may choosen whcich fabric is next baby’s skin by choosing insert.
  • Easy absorbency regulation by the inserts.
  • Multiple use before washing.
  • The cover dries very quickly.


  • Necessity of snapping inserts.
  • Hard to match insert of different manufacturers.


AIO – All in One is a diaper which has the absorbing part sewn- nothing esle is needed.  It is a very comfortable solution, but quite expensive. AIO diapers will dry longer than other systems.The drying time will be different and depends on the inner fabric. Fastest will dry birdseye cotton.



  • Fast and easy to put on.
  • The easiest diapering system.


  • One time use – whole AIO needs to be replaced when diaper changing.
  • Lack of absorbency regulation.

Pull ups

The last from the diapering systems are short and long pull ups. It can be made of PUL or wool.

Short pull ups are similiar to panties. They are the waterproof layer put on the absorbing layer. They very easy to put but the list of absorbing parts whcih can be used with pull ups is short. Pull ups doesn’t have snaps, which could hold the absorbing insert, that is why the absorbing option to match is muslin/prefold with snappi or fitted diaper



  • Fast and easy to put on.
  • Lack of snaps or rubbers.


  • Limitting choice of absorbing inserrts.
  • No regulation.
  • No plits or naps to hold the insert.